Returning members, enjoy a 5% discount on CSA memberships for 2015 (first week only)

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It represents a direct relationship between our consumers (you!) and the farmer (us!), where we both share in the benefits, and risks, of growing nutrient dense food. It’s pretty simple — in the beginning of the season, our members commit to a ‘share’ of the harvest each week. In return, we provide a heaping box of whatever delicious and nutritious veggies are available that week during the growing season. We like the CSA model because it allows us to create relationships with those eating the food we work hard to grow, provides a consistent market, and allows us to buy supplies, like seeds and potting soil, at the beginning of the season when we need them most. Our members appreciate the fresh and delicious taste of real veggies, grown in real soil, by real people.

How does it work at Seeds Farm?

  • Every week during the growing season, we harvest, wash, and pack whatever is ripe that week. We work hard to ensure a delicious diversity- while focusing on the main crops.
  • Our season lasts 18 weeks (mid-June-mid-October)
  • You choose if you’d like to pick it up at the Farm, at a dropsite near you, or to your home. We have dropsites in Northfield, Burnsville, Minneapolis, and St. Paul (metro dropsites and home delivery have an extra delivery fee of $65, and are delivered early Friday morning.
  • You choose how often you’d like to get it, weekly or bi-weekly
  • Enjoy!

What does a CSA membership include?

  • All shares are packed in 3/4 bushel boxes, filled with delicious, nutrient dense, local and freshly harvested produce. This is generally enough for 2 veggie loving adults or four liking adults a week.
  • Weekly newsletter e-mailed to you on harvest day describing what’s in each box, how to use it, and what went on at your farm that week
  • An opportunity to take advantage of our U-Pick herb patch at the farm
  • Invitations to member potlucks, volunteer days, and member gleans
  • Member discounts on on bulk canning crops, like tomatoes, cabbage, and cucumbers when available

What else do you offer?

In addition to the vegetable share, we offer a number of add-ons, including an egg share (laid by our happy, pastured hens), a flower share grown by gardeners Brad and Toni Easterson, an educational share for your Budding Farmers, and the opportunity to buy pastured pork at the end of the season.

How much does it cost?

  • Full share-$575, 3/4 bushel box, every week, 18 deliveries
  • Bi-weekly Share-$320, 3/4 bushel box, every other week, 9 deliveries
  • Full Egg Share-$95, one dozen eggs every week, 18 deliveries
  • Bi-weekly Egg Share- $50, one dozen eggs every other week, 9 deliveries
  • Flower Share-$100, one bouquet of flowers grown by Brad and Toni Easterson, every week, 9 deliveries
  • Budding Farmers educational share- $48, educational program for kids, 8 deliveries

How do I sign up?

Please submit the form on CSA Sign-Up Page. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!



BURNSVILLE- Valley Natural Foods, 13750 County Road 11 Burnsville, MN 55337

MINNEAPOLIS-Tao Natural Foods, 220 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55408

ST. PAUL-Mississippi Market, 1500 7th Street West Saint Paul, MN 55102

YOUR HOME?-If we can drop off six or more shares at your home, we an make your doorstep a dropsite! E-mail seedsfarm@gmail.com for more information

2013 CSA video


flower share

happy pig

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